In line with the company’s mission of benefiting society, Yana presents to you a series of FREE monthly seminars with various topics. These topics are carefully chosen with the goal of uplifting the consciousness of the industry in terms of current industry practices aligned with new technological advancements.
             Yana has started conducting these seminars in the year 2004. Attending participants learn a lot because we invite the “experts” in the subject to share their knowledge and experiences. Moreover, Yana seminar is a venue for different companies to come together and share their own practices which can help other people. Aside from that, we provide you with breakfast, morning snack, a sumptuous lunch buffet cooked by our very own Yana personnel and an afternoon snack all prepared just for you. So when you come to us, you don’t have to worry about getting hungry —  because we CARE for YOUR well-being.
             Many of our attendees don’t just come once, they look forward to these seminars — it’s a full day of learning and laughter!
             If you have never attended a Yana seminar, YOU SHOULD!! It is highly recommended! Posted on the left side is the schedule of our upcoming seminar. Hope to see you there!

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