Centramate™ 500 S

Scalable Production Technology in a Compact Benchtop System

The Centramate™ 500 S benchtop tangential flow filtration system provides biotechnology and biopharmaceutical drug developers & manufacturers with an ultra-compact portable unit for process development in ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) applications.

Designed for all applications requiring concentration and diafiltration of suspended micro-particulates (such as cell suspensions and lysates) or dissolved solutes (such as proteins or nucleic acids), the sanitary, self-venting, fully drainable design meets the demands of cGMP environments, with full traceability of process-wetted materials. Using the Centramate 500 S system for process development, time, risk, and process volumes are all minimized.

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* Compact Flowpath – the ultra-compact flow path of the Centramate 500 S system allows users to operate at volumes as low as 170mL (when using a single Centramate membrane cassette), enabling high concentration factors and minimizing operating volumes
* Scalable Process Technology – designed through experience, the Centramate 500 S system meets the requirements for cGMP equipment with a comprehensive qualification and documentation package, calibrated process instrumentation, and hygienic design
* Direct Flow Measurement – the magnetic inductive flowmeter provides direct flow measurement during operation, making system operation safe, accurate, and user- friendly
* High Yield and Product Recovery – the hygienic, completely drainable flow path of the Centramate 500 S system enables high product yield, optimum product recovery, and easy cleaning
* Safety in Operation – an adjustable pressure interlock provides product and operator safety in a robust and reliable TFF system
* Pressure Independent Flow – the four-piston diaphragm pump delivers constant flow even as the system pressure increases
* Data Logging Capability – data from the process instrumentation can be exported to a PC or laptop computer via the USB port on the Centramate 500 S system
* Documentation Package

* Calibration certificates for measuring instruments
* Drawings (P&ID, Layout)
* User manual
* Electrical wiring documentation incl. certificates
* Welding documentation incl. certificates
* Supplier literature
* 3.1 certificates for product wetted parts
* FDA conformity (EPDM); CE declaration
* Generic IQ documentation

* The graduated glass vessel provides full visibility and indication of fluid level during operation, so volumes can be closely controlled
* The positive displacement diaphragm pump provides pressure independent flow, ensuring critical parameters do not vary during concentration
* Scalable process technology makes the system ideal for scale-up and scale-down studies
* Direct flow measurement with the magnetic inductive flowmeter means accurate, safe, and simple operation
* With an interlock controlling the recirculation pump, operator and product safety is maximized
* To eliminate transcription and recording errors, the Centramate 500 S system has a built-in data acquisition system which can be connected to a PC via a USB cable

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 60.5 × 48 × 94.5 cm

220 V / 50 Hz, 110 V / 60 Hz

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