IFB Model

High-resolution scale in heavy version with EC type approval [M], now also up to [Max] 600 kg

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Tough industry standard suitable for use in harsh industrial applications Platform: Weighing plate stainless steel, painted steel base, protection against dust and water splashes IP65, silicone-coated aluminium load cell. Display device: Superior display size, digit height 52 mm for the easy reading of weighing results, even under poor lighting conditios, KERN KFB-TM Benchtop stand incl. wall mount for display device as standard Level indicator and levelling feet for precise levelling of the scale, fitted as standard, to give the most accurate weighing result Weighing with tolerance range (checkweighing): Input of an upper/lower limit value. A visual and audible signal assists with portion division, dispensing or grading Totalising of weights and piece counts Hold function: When the weighing conditions are unstable, a stable weight is calculated determining an average value Protective working cover included with delivery

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IFB 3K-4, IFB 6K-4S, IFB 6K-4, IFB 10K-4, IFB 10K-4L, IFB 30K-3, IFB 60K-3, IFB 60K-3L, IFB 100K-3, IFB 100K-3L, IFB 300K-2, IFB 600K-2, IFB 6K-3SM, IFB 6K1DM, IFB 15K2DM, IFB 15K2DLM, IFB 30K5DM, IFB 60K10DM, IFB 60K10DLM, IFB 150K20DM, IFB 150K20DLM, IFB 300K50DM, IFB 600K-1M

Account Executive

Job Qualifications

  • College Graduate, preferably with science related course background (BS Food Tech, BS Med Tech, BS Chem )
  • Preferably with experience in Industrial Sales
  • With experience and willing to do fieldwork
  • Self- Motivated and Goal-Oriented
  • Desire to deliver results
  • Ability to create and deliver presentations
  • Ability to adapt and grow in competitive environment
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