IXS Model (IP Protected)

Platform scale with stainless steel display device with IP68 rating, XL display and EC type approval [M] – now also as high resolution version with high-resolution display

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Tough industry standard suitable for use in harsh industrial applications
Platform: weighing plate stainless steel, Painted steel base, silicone-coated aluminium load cell, protection against dust and water splashes IP65, substructure in wing design, extremely resistant to bending
Display device: Stainless steel, protection against dust and water splashes IP68, for industrial applications, hygienic and easy to clean, with integrated power supply. Wall mount standard.

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IXS 6K-4, IXS 10K-4, IXS 10K-4L, IXS 30K-3, IXS 30K-3L, IXS 60K-3, IXS 60K-3L, IXS 100K-3, IXS 100K-3L, IXS 300K-2, IXS 6K-3M, IXS 10K-3M, IXS 10K-3LM-2021a, IXS 30K-2M, IXS 30K-2LM, IXS 60K-2M, IXS 60K-2LM, IXS 100K-2M, IXS 100K-2LM, IXS 300K-2M

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  • College Graduate, preferably with science related course background (BS Food Tech, BS Med Tech, BS Chem )
  • Preferably with experience in Industrial Sales
  • With experience and willing to do fieldwork
  • Self- Motivated and Goal-Oriented
  • Desire to deliver results
  • Ability to create and deliver presentations
  • Ability to adapt and grow in competitive environment
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