Kleenpak™ Nova

The issues of effective cleaning and cleaning validation result in disposable equipment being the preferred option for many processes. Disposable filters can help eliminate cleaning problems, especially where biological products are to be filtered. In applications where hazardous materials are being filtered, such as cytotoxic drugs, capsule filters can play an important role in helping protect operators.

Kleenpak Nova capsule filters are designed to provide choice, cost effectiveness and flexibility, while ensuring ease of use for the operator.

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Designed to Provide Choice and Flexibility

Kleenpak Nova capsule filters are available with either in-line or T-style configurations. The T-style configuration is ideal for manipulating multiple filters in series or in parallel configuration.   Kleenpak Nova Capsule filters incorporate either a 10 in. (254 mm), 20 in. (508 mm) or 30 in.
(762 mm) length standard Pall cartridge filter which have traditionally been installed in stainless steel housings. In applications where a particular filter is already specified, the user can switch from a stainless steel housing to a fully disposable assembly with minimal requalification. This means the extensive range of sterilizing-grade and virus filters currently available from Pall can easily be provided as a capsule filter, including:

* Low binding, high-flow Fluorodyne® II PVDF filters
* Ultipor® N66 and positively-charged Posidyne® nylon 66 filters
* Supor® polyethersulfone filters
* Ultipor VF DV20 and DV50 virus removal filters

Kleenpak Nova capsules are especially suited to pilot- and process-scale applications. They can be autoclaved or sterilized by Gamma-irradiation and can be supplied as part of pre-sterilized processing systems such as a filter/tubing/bag set. Kleenpak Nova capsules are used in a wide range of critical applications including the sterilization of biopharmaceuticals, biologicals, diagnostic reagents, serum, tissue culture media, and culture-media components.

Kleenpak Nova Filters Reduce Operating Costs

Kleenpak Nova filters have a typical installation cost that is 80 % lower than a similar sized stainless steel housing system. Therefore, they offer an extremely cost-effective alternative to housing and cartridge systems. Kleenpak Nova filters can also provide additional cost savings:
* No housing maintenance — Lower maintenance costs
* No housing cleaning or cleaning validation — Lower labor costs
* Filter is pre-assembled — Lower labor costs
* Filter can be provided pre-sterilized — Lower energy costs

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NP6, NP7, NP8, NT6, NT7, NT8

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