foodproof Clostridium botulinum Detection LyoKit

Clostridium botulinum is an anaerobic, endospore-forming, Gram-positive bacterium, which can cause botulism. Botulinum toxins are the most potent bacterial toxins known and may occur in inadequately preserved foods, such as canned or cured meat. Children are especially vulnerable and can become seriously ill after consuming food contaminated with spores, such as honey or milk powder.
The foodproof Clostridium botulinum Detection LyoKit detects all human-relevant toxingenes – types A, B, E and F – in a single multiplex real-time PCR reaction.

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The foodproof® Clostridium botulinum Detection LyoKit is based on real-time PCR technology, which is well-established in the food industry as a highly sensitive and specific detection method. The kit detects and identifies all of the human diseasecausing toxin types (A, B, E and F) in one multiplex PCR assay using melting curve analysis. This method is a superior alternative to other assays, including mouse bioassay.

Fast: Real-time PCR method, based on ISO/TS 17919.
Safe: Prevention of false-negative results by internal control and prevention of carry-over contamination using Uracil-NGlycosylase.
Comprehensive: Packages of sample preparation & detection kits, real-time PCR instruments & diagnostic software.
Easy: Convenient, complete solution including DNA extraction and real-time PCR analysis.
Experienced: Manufacturer of PCRbased rapid tests for the food industry since 1998 with an ISO 17025 accredited service lab.
Licensed: Fully licensed technology.

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