Cadence™ Single-Pass

Eliminate the Recirculation Loop and Streamline Operations to Optimize Downstream Processing

Cadence Single-Pass TFF ( SPTFF ) is a patented breakthrough technology that allows direct flow-through concentration with no recirculation of product. SPTFF enables high concentration of shear sensitive proteins and antibodies >160 grams/liter. What makes this possible is a unique flow path design and staging of cassettes in a serial flow.

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Single-pass TFF patent numbers:
* US patent number 7.682.511 B2
* US patent number 7.384.549 B2
* US patent number 7.967.987 B2
* US patent number 8.157.999

This exciting new technology leads to
economic and practical benefits, including:

* Increased yield of product due to improved recovery capability and lower hold-up volume.
* Increased final product concentration due to high concentration factor capability.
* Elimination of product damage or aggregation due to reduced residence time and shear exposure.
* Ability to couple the concentration of product before or after other downstream process steps, consequently optimizing other steps and reducing in-process pool tank volumes.
* Available in single use format.

Cadence single-pass TFF modules and systems can be easily integrated with other downstream processes such as chromatography or virus removal.
Using Cadence modules with Delta membrane, the innovative benefits of Single-Pass TFF technology are enhanced by the proven high flux, high selectivity, and low protein binding attributes of Delta regenerated cellulose membrane cassettes.

Optimize Economic and Operational Benefits

* Enhance downstream processing to increase capacity and reduce costs – Cadence systems can eliminate or reduce intermediate storage tanks and associated cleaning of tanks when using the systems for in-process volume reduction before or after existing steps.
* Increase yield and achieve high product recovery > 98 % – The single-pass TFF process collects most of the process volume during the process run, leaving only a small percentage of the product in the module at the end of the run. This small percentage of product can be easily recovered due to the low hold-up volume in the system.
* Enable high concentration factors > 20X – High concentration factors are achieved due to the staging of cassettes in series, which results in high conversions of feed-to-permeate in one flow path. This is accomplished by optimizing the module staging configuration based on cassette performance for a particular application.
* Optimize processing of highly shear-sensitive products – Processing results in only one pass through the pump and cassette, reducing shear exposure. For products sensitive to pumping, the pump can be completely eliminated by using pressurized vessels to flow the process fluid through the module. Further benefits are achieved by eliminating any mixing or foaming issues associated with the feed tank.
* Use smaller, more compact systems – Cadence systems require less pump capacity, allowing smaller piping or tubing diameters for a more compact system design with lower working and hold-up volumes.
* Simplify installation and use – Cadence modules are supplied preassembled. The modules’ feed, retentate and permeate ports are easily connected to clearly-marked system ports.


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